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Open Concept Aquarium

Introducing a complete open-concept aquarium system for your home or offices. Everything essential for a healthy and beautiful aquarium is included at an affordable price!https://sites.google.com/a/aquaticstory.com/as/our-products/open-concept-aquarium/900-Details.jpg

OCA 600OCA 900OCA 1200
Tank Specifications

• Crystal Glass Tank   
• Dimensions (L x D x H)
600mm x 400mm x 400mm 900mm x 500mm x 500mm 1200mm x 500mm x 500mm
• Glass Thickness8mm10mm12mm 
• Volume88L 207L 273L 
Cabinet Specifications   
• Black Cabinet  
• Dimensions (L x D x H)645mm x 428mm x 800mm 942mm x 520mm x 800mm 1242mm x 520mm x 800mm 
• Filter SystemExternal Canister FilterExternal Canister Filter External Canister Filter 
• Lighting SystemT5 T5 T5 
• CO2 System (Solenoid)    
• Aquarium Fan   
• Stainless Steel Hanger (Light)   
• Stainless Steel Inlet/Outlet-  
• Automatic Timer (for light)   
• Oyama Background   
• Algae Scrapper   
• Curve Scissors   
• Straight Pincette   
• Fish Net  
• Design & Setup  
• Aquatic Plants   
• Rocks and Wood   
• Substrate   
 Package Price*S$1,690.00S$2,290.00S$2,790.00 
* Price does not include wiring accessories (multi-plug, extension wires etc.) and livestocks (fish, shrimps, snails etc.).
** Aquascape provided will be different from the above picture as each aquascape is unique.