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Damselfly Nymph

You won't want them in your aquarium! 

This is a nymph of a damselfly which is closely related to dragonfly but generally smaller and more delicate. Damselflies lay their eggs directly into water and sometimes on aquatic plants. 

Damselfly nymphs are carnivorous and feed on other small aquatic insects, crustaceans and even small fish. They use their extendable pincer-like jaws to pierce through unsuspecting preys that come too near. 

Damselfly nymph's overall appearance resemble that of an adult. Unlike larvas, nymphs do not undergo the pupal stage, instead, their final molt turns them directly into adults. We found 2 of this nymphs in our newly setup tank. We believed that the damselfly eggs come together with the new plants we purchased for the new aquascape. 

We have a tough time catching them because they are very agile and swim really well. The nymphs have grown to about 2.5cm in length when we found them. They have most probably eaten quite a significant number of shrimps to gain to that size. 

Lesson learnt. We really need to wash and clean the plants properly before using them for our aquascape to avoid unnecessary troubles and lost of livestocks. However, cleaning does not guarantee a 100% safe, clean plants. But it can help to minimize the chances of having damselfly/dragonfly eggs and snail eggs caught on them. Cleaning also help to remove algae which may cause problem when the new tank is under the cycling process.

By Lin Weisheng

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