Fengshui Tips 2012

East Facing Houses

In year 2012, the friendly and passionate Four Dark Green Star is occupying the East Palace. The East direction is thus the scholarly position and is especially useful for academic pursuits. The Four Dark Green is also a star of wisdom and education in Fengshui. Not only will it help you excel in school, it also helps improves concentration and quality of thoughts. 

To activate the Four Dark Green Star and other auspicious stars, bright lights and the Water element are important. Keeping your apartment bright and airy will nourish the stars and the Water element will also nurture them. You may add water features, like a fish tank, near areas where the main qi enters your room.

Northwest Facing Houses

This year, the Seven Scarlet Star flies to the Northwest. As this star is neutral by nature, much of the luck that it brings depends on stars surrounding it. The concurrent appearance of the inauspicious Sui Po Year Breaker Star will cause distress to the Seven Scarlet and your family. Expect a violate year ahead as relationships in family could be tested. 

The most useful element that can curb the influence of the Seven Scarlet is Water. Still water, for example fish tanks, is favoured over moving water in the Northwest this year. It is especially useful to place a fish tank near the area where the main qi enters your home. Not only can water dissipate the energy of the Seven Scarlet, it also serves as a reminder for you to always keep your cool and be in control.

By Lun Kai Sheng

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